Our Mission

The Mission of the IHIWG is to advance the study of hydrocephalus utilizing a full range of imaging modalities.


Advances in the study of the pathophysiology of hydrocephalus and related disorders will come from combining the knowledge base of diverse groups attacking these problems from different disciplines including Neuroradiology, Biophysics/engineering, Basic Science and clinical neurology and neurosurgery. Each of these disciplines has its own language and skill set creating barriers to advancement of the science due to the lack of a common body of information. IHIWG is dedicated to the breaking down of these barriers leading to more rapid evolution of the understanding of hydrocephalus and its treatment. To accomplish this vision, IHIWG will:

  1. Hold international meetings expanded by virtual meeting using new meeting technology
  2. Identify leaders who have the skill set and energy to work with others in searching for answers, developing protocols, and assisting the other members in structuring their research.
  3. Facilitate cooperative endeavors among basic scientists, engineers and clinicians so that propinquity diminishes as a barrier to advancement.
  4. Organize monthly “journal clubs” where articles are sent out to all members leading to a discussion and explanation to the uninitiated.