Banff, Fall 2015

The Fall 2015 IHIWG meeting held in Banff was a great success. Listed below is the meeting program and some of the presentations that were made during our time together.

All pdfs may be viewed or downloaded via the included links. Should you have any questions, please contact us.

IHIWG Fall 2015 Program (Banff)

Is the Brain Really Necessary?
Harold Rekate
Rekate_necess banff

Volumetric Brain Analysis in Neurosurgery
Jason G. Mandell

Fetal Obstructive Hydrocephalus
Charles Raynaud
RAYBAUD Fet Hyd 2015

Utility of the New Classification of Hydrocephalus in the Treatment of the “Shunt from Hell”
Harold Rekate
Rekate_classification fo neurorads-sm

Computational model of tracer transport reduction due to deletion of Aqp4
Vartan Kurtcuoglu
Kurtcuoglu Banff 2015